A Recession Does Not Equal A Collapse

Did you know that we have gone through quite a few recessions in our history?  Did you also know, that in most of those recessions, housing values actually increased?  Going all the way back almost 40 years, we can see that outside of the second largest recession in American history, our homes have not been greatly impacted in times where our economy has gone down.

Housing Market During A Recession

6 Market Leaders Agree

the housing market is going to continue to appreciate.  Sure, nobody has a magic ball, but when analyzing data and history, it seems unbelievable that the housing market is impending doom.  This may not be the narrative national news centers want to sell in order to gain viewers, but the economists seem to agree.

Home Value Diagnostic

Several indicators that triggered some of our economic collapse in 2008 are non-existent.  A high proportion of loans were sub-prime loans given out to people who traditionally would not qualify.  Another huge category of homes were being finances on short term adjustable rate mortgages (ARM).  Today, most mortgages are predictable 30 year fixed mortgages.  We still have a shortage of housing supply and new construction demands can not keep up with buyer demands.  What could your home sell for in today's market?

What's Joe Have To Say

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