Joe Muck from the J Muck Realty helps explain a bit about what listing your home is all about in today's marketplace.

Today's marketplace is not the same as it was 18 months ago and certainly not the same as it was 18 years ago.  Sure, everybody realizes we don't post Open House information in the local newspaper and wait until Sunday.  But what is the process like?  This post will not go in to comparable sales and your home's value or anything.  Strictly a focus on marketing. What is your realtor doing to market your home?

The days are gone where you can take pictures and post them in the MLS for buyers to see.  The photos must be professionally taken.  Equally important, they need to be taken properly to not misrepresent the home as best as possible. Give the photographers a little break, they are hired to get shots of entire rooms.  Our photographer(s) never intend to show a room as larger than it really is.  Of course, this is also why in many homes, we provide 3D Matterport Tours.

So, now the photos are done.  Where will people see them?  Does your realtor have a Facebook following and professional business page?  Do they know how to utilize Facebook marketing to meet the buyer profile that you're marketing to?  Actually, back up, do they know who they are marketing the home to?  Ok, they do.  Good.  Hopefully that buyer has a Facebook account if they plan to only advertise in news stories.  It has been approximately a year since Messenger had more users than Facebook users.  And don't even get me started on Stories.  Of course, that covers Facebook.  Next up, Instagram, YouTube, Zillow, Realtor, Trulia, and multiple other online outlets.  

Yes, there are more ways to get the news out that your home is for sale.  And, in many ways, it's more difficult than ever to know where or how to get the home out.  Whether you're using J Muck Realty or somebody else, make sure the marketing plan is thorough and involves more than a simple upload of some iPhone or Galaxy Note pics to the MLS.